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My name is Scott Johnson and my dream was to create an organization that promotes self-improvement through personal reflection, travel, and philanthropy. Why those things? Because I’ve lived and studied in Europe as well as traveled to more than 30 other countries – which has provided the most extraordinary and enlightening experiences. Additionally, I’ve volunteered at various charities and been a Big Brother youth mentor for more than 10 years – which has taught me humility.

I believe the value of these life-changing experiences are truly beyond measure and desperately needed in the world today. The media is often full of fear, hate, and misinformation, creating a perpetual state-of-fear and anxiety for much of the world. We can overcome this though, by supporting good causes, seeking more information and new experiences, and inspiring those around us to do the same.

Win Epic Trips is a nonprofit adventure fundraiser and culmination of everything stated above. The goal is to inspire the world to be more supportive of great charities by offering donors the chance to win amazing adventures. Every quarter we fundraise for a new charity and create new trips to giveaway. Our first charity is Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Southern Nevada, a remarkable agency which I’ve supported for over decade and can personally vouch for.

The ultimate reward of travel philanthropy is that you end up living a remarkable life, full of interesting stories, unique friendships, and extraordinary life experiences. You become an Epic Storyteller.

By supporting great charities and going on grand adventures, we can create a culture of philanthropy and personal growth. Together, we change the world.

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Scott Johnson
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