The Food of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires literally has it all, gorgeous people, sultry underground jazz clubs, spectacular architecture, and heavenly meat.

A Few Terms You Should Know Prior to Eating 

Parrilla: Translates to both steakhouse and the actual grill
Bodegones: Classic Buenos Aires neighborhood eateries serving local comfort foods like grilled meats, pastas, and beef or chicken
Asado: Barbecue, also the shortened term for tira de asado, short or long ribs
Puerta Cerrada: Closed door restaurant, by reservation only, generally in the chef’s home, serving a fixed tasting menu
Cenar: To eat dinner, typically quite late, around 9 p.m. to 11 p.m

Here’s some spots that we drooled over and you shouldn’t miss.

Don Julio

When people around the world talk about eating meat, they are all talking about Don Julio – Carnivore Heaven. While Don Julio is no longer a secret, the upscale steakhouse still captures the hearts and stomachs of locals and travelers. This is the place to experience what the Argentine parrilla is all about: top grass-fed sirloin, rump, and skirt steak, crispy sweetbreads, and Malbec by the bottles. Since eating here, we wake up with drool on our pillow and steak on our minds many mornings…

I Latina

If you’ve eaten enough beef to get the “meat sweats”, yes that’s a thing, then I Latina will round you out with some balanced nutrition that is absolutely delicious. With a refined spin on Caribbean flavors, a seafood-rich menu that features Colombian, Peruvian, and Argentine ingredients, the contrasting flavors will delight your palete. Standout dishes include a tropical play on ceviche served with mango, fresh coconut, and lychee and a deconstructed arepa—pulled beef and citrus avocado salad on top of a crispy patacón—showcasing varying temperatures and textures.

Cafe Rivas

Café Rivas feels like it would be the corner spot that you’d always go to for comfort food, if you also wanted a serious wine selection. Located in a beautiful two-story building on the corner of a cobblestone street in San Telmo, it has an old world ambiance accompanied by live piano music on weekends. It’s an awesome chill spot to grab a bite.

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