Freedom, Fairness, and Equality

When reading thought-provoking ideas like the blog post below from Seth Godin (a marketing genius and great human), it’s important to try and read it without bias, as if you’d never heard the concepts before. These ideas cross borders and religions, they are concepts that apply to all people and cultures. Let’s embrace unity and become better people, we can do it, and we’ll change the world.

“Freedom doesn’t mean no responsibility. In fact, it requires extra responsibility. Freedom is the ability to make a choice, and responsibility is required once you make that choice.

Fairness isn’t a handout. Fairness is the willingness to offer dignity to others. The dignity of being seen and heard, and having a chance to make a contribution.

And equality doesn’t mean equal. Equality doesn’t guarantee me a starting position on the Knicks. Equality means equality of access, the opportunity to do my best without being disqualified for irrelevant reasons.


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